Concept Seating was born out of necessity.

In the late 1980s, a police officer who suffered from back problems, designed and produced rough sketches of a new, innovative vehicle seat that helped relieve back problems. From there, the police officer, in combination with renowned Wisconsin industrial designer Brooks Stevens Design firm, took on the project and finessed the design. The Brooks Stevens Design firm is also known for designs including: Hiawatha Train (1946), Excalibur Sports Car (1964) and the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile (1958). Concept Seating designs have also been influenced by the innovative research presented by Alvin R.Tilley and Henry Dreyfuss and Associates in The Measure of Man and Woman. The book remains an important tool for those designing products to accommodate the human form.

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Leaders in Ergonomic Seating Solutions.

ECD is a certified minority owned company based in Corona, California. Since its inception in 1993, ECD’s goal has been to become a leader in its industry by providing a product designed for a healthier work place. ECD was founded under the simple principle of manufacturing the most comfortable chair with the best function and quality creating a healthier work place environment. It is because of this that ECD is the first choice of many corporations for their office seating programs. ECD’s ergonomic office seating provides you with a healthy choice providing you the correct ergonomic solution in your increasingly technology filled office. But there is more than that, we want you to be comfortable – Your chair, your way.



Workplace seating that works harder.

ergoCentric Seating Systems was founded in 1990 specifically to manufacture ergonomic seating. Since then, the ergoCentric team has been continuously improving its seating systems and is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best ergonomic seating in the world. Its build-to-order manufacturing system and always in stock inventory of components allows ergoCentric to fit virtually 100% of the workforce quickly and cost effectively.


The Future of Comfort is Here.

They say with age comes wisdom. And while we’ve learned a lot since we sold our first office chair in 1979, even then we knew that superior craftsmanship and design are essential ingredients in delivering real value for our customers. Twenty-six years later, those three simple pillars still stand behind our promise of exceptional seating with every chair we sell.

Faustinos Furniture

30 Years Dedicated To Furniture.

Led by our founder Faustino, a furniture manufacturer since 1978, we know that filling your space with desks and chairs not only allows you to do work, but defines some of the characteristics that makes you and your business unique. When you think about getting your next piece of beautiful and timeless furniture, think about how Faustino’s Furniture can get you what you need.


Medical Grade Seating.

healtHcentric was created with the needs of the healthcare industry in mind. We are the only seating manufacturer focused on creating durable, easy-to-clean and affordable seating solutions that aid in infection prevention for demanding, intensive-use environments. Our passion for cleanability and durability has led us to design unique seating solutions that solve many of the challenges faced in 24/7 healthcare settings.


Beautiful environments are created by the contents within.

Jasper Desk has been building quality wood office furniture since 1876. This longevity means that we have had the distinct pleasure of creating nearly every type of wood office furniture imaginable. For you, our valued customer, this means we probably already have a design that would suit you perfectly. If not we can create a custom design and build wood office furniture especially for you. We offer a broad selection of wood desks, credenzas, bookcases, file cabinets, tables, seating, and other wood office furniture built to exacting specifications. Our variety of styling options, edge details, hardware selection, and finish choices give you the ability to modify any piece of Jasper wood office furniture to fit your style. We can even add special inlays or other creative options to supply you with completely custom furniture.


Supporting the Neutral Body Posture.

In 1989 the mother/daughter team of Jaye Congleton and Rebecca Congleton Boenigk recognized an opportunity to manufacture and distribute Dr. Jerome Congleton's concept for the Neutral Posture chair. Congleton's ground-breaking research on a seating system that would support the neutral body posture, discovered by NASA, was the cumulative result of both a distinguished U.S. Air Force career (213 Combat Missions) and a subsequent career in Industrial Engineering and Safety. With his daughter, Rebecca, serving as his research assistant, Congleton developed the seating system of pressure-reducing contours and custom-fitting adjustments that would serve as the basis for the Neutral Posture seating design concept.

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Quality. Built to last.

Since Nightingale was founded in 1928, a lot has changed in the design and function of seating. Our commitment to innovation, comfort, and quality has never wavered. We are a contract seating manufacturer that puts purpose before profit. By collaborating with top designers, engineers, and research teams, we create quality ergonomic products that are good for your body and the planet. Our designs prove you don’t have to choose between aesthetics and comfort.

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OM. Smart Seating.

OM has come a long way since we hatched in March 1986 on an egg ranch outside of San Diego. In fact, in those early days we used to deliver a dozen eggs with every chair purchase. (Well, not really, but imagine if?!) These days, OM has true nationwide reach and is focused on delivering genuine, smart solutions to our customers’ wide-ranging needs. We do so by offering an extensive portfolio of chair families that fit nearly every work mode and work space

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Furniture for Your World.

Incorporated in 1987, Office Star Products has become a leader in commercial office and residential furniture. Known for value, Office Star Products markets under 9 brands and operates 5 warehouses within the United States and Canada. Office Star Products is a leader in high-value furniture paired with one-stop selection and in-stock availability. We simplify the furniture procurement process, so our customers can effectively and efficiently save their customers time and money. Our corporate headquarters and main warehouses are located in two 200K square foot facilities in Ontario & Fontana, California. We service the East Coast from a 130K square foot warehouse/showroom facility in Teterboro, New Jersey and Canada from an 80K square foot warehouse/showroom facility in Concord (Toronto), Ontario.



Premium for ALL.

Since 1980, OFGO STUDIO has been a comprehensive manufacturer of office furniture with experience in creating high performance workplace environments that fulfill the changing needs of the marketplace. We embrace research and design to bring innovative ideas, products, and services to the North American furniture marketplace. OFGO STUDIO represents a unique culture: a genuine fellowship of equals. Our philosophy of friendship and excellence is reflected in the beauty and craftsmanship of our products.


Cutting Edge Design Solutions and Production.

Thomas Burke, OMNI Pacific’s visionary founder, incorporated the company in 1981. After owning and operating a successful production kitchen cabinet firm, as well as manufacturing specialized video game cabinets, Tom sought to explore a different facet of the manufacturing business and made way into the office furniture industry. With a wide background on customized manufacturing and a different perspective on user-based furniture solutions, Tom’s designs offer a unique take on high-quality ergonomic work environments that will last for years to come. Today OMNI continues to lead the way in cutting edge design solutions and production. With a commitment to quality and the highest standards of personalized service, OMNI offers a variety of solutions in freestanding office furniture as well as collaborative work environments that reflect the culture of each workplace.


Leading the Evolution in Office Furniture.

RightAngle Ergonomic Products is a leading manufacturer of sit stand desks and ergonomic office furniture and has been manufacturing ergonomic computer accessories for over 25 years. RightAngle's first official product was one of the first, and now very primitive ergonomic keyboard trays available in the 1980’s. The innovative Myriad™ Keyboard Tray is one of our many leading ergonomic accessories sold and is among the most durable ergonomic office products available.


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Designs That Let You Work Your Way.

When you work with Safco, you’ll notice we’re a little different. More approachable, more open to collaborative investigation, more focused on finding the right solution for each client. That’s how we craft forward-thinking products that help companies reach their business goals and allow everyone to work in their own unique way. We understand every client has their own story to tell. And, for over 50 years, we’ve been great listeners. Because we believe space is a great vehicle for expressing your brand and achieving your desired culture. It’s why we’re so focused on finding the right workplace solution for each client. We work hard to understand all the factors that drive your success because knowing what’s important to you enables us to deliver more meaningful outcomes.

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Original Equipment Manufacture’s Chairs that Started Tartan Office.

Tartan Office Furniture is the premier distributor of the OEM office chair product line. Industry leading standards like the Chief, Henry, Tillman and General are just some of the chairs made for day-to-day durability with excellence built in at their core.



Improving Health & Productivity in the Workplace.

Xybix is an industry leader in adjustable-height ergonomic Dispatch Consoles, Command and Control workstations and Healthcare Imaging Desks. Learn more about our product choices and explore why Xybix products are the #1 choice of 24/7 mission critical centers across the country.


A Better Ergonomic Solution by BodyBilt

Before Anyone Knew What Ergonomics Was In the late 1980s, upon reviewing a NASA commissioned study titled The Anthropometric Source Book, BodyBilt began designing chairs based on the natural position the human body assumed while asleep in a weightless environment. The most dramatic feature of the natural body posture discovered by NASA is the “open” angle between the torso and the thighs, approximately 110 degrees. By 1991, the original BodyBilt product line was launched, featuring a minimum of 10 different adjustments to help users emulate that ideal posture.

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